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Clutch friction materials – Ad Hock brakes friction materials customized onlineOnce upon a time, human beings noticed that a rounded object could roll and if properly modified, would have been able to carry out, at the beginning some materials, and then even themselves.
This Homo Sapiens (such a genius!) was transported from one place to another without efforts (not for those who pushed of course!) dreaming of a better and prosperous future. Until the day he realized he really needed to brake!

So the first block brake came!
It was no longer enough to say “STOP” to the slaves, also because the use of animals and the increasing speed made human being discover, after several and terrible head butts, something new to put under control: the inertia force.
This is how the first brake was born, such as the brake block (brake shoes for vehicles with animal traction like wagons, carriages etc., manually operated by screw mechanism or a system of ropes and pulleys).
In practice, two pushed materials forcefully towards each other, create friction. Here is the brake invented. This was good thing.

Friction material for brakes and clutches.
From that day on, research has never stopped. The more the common and professional vehicles evolve in the sense of strength, power and speed, the more brakes become sophisticated and efficient.
Friction materials are today able to withstand large temperatures and operating loads, such as Formula 1, cranes or just a mountain bike.
Everything is proportional and studied.. Safety comes first!

High performances

Even under extreme environmental conditions, our materials are always efficient!

Any Quantity or shape

We can satisfy any quantity or shape request: from one single piece up to the mass-production.

Customized articles

Yes we can!! Do you need a single, specific component? Fill out the Customize form (Mettere link a Customize) with all the requested informations and we will be at your disposal. Only Made in Italy for the best high technology!

Perfect bonding on the entire surface

We guarantee a total grip between the metal surface and friction material.